Horses – Deer – Wolves – Hares – Swans – Foxes – Ink Landscapes

‘The Gentle Wild II’

Now Closed

A series of large paintings on paper; featuring a collection of wild animals including deer, foxes, horse, wolves and other four-legged beasts. Gently painted in brush on handmade Indian papers, these animals leap and bound around alone and in pairs. Grateful thanks to Pegasus Art for their sponsorship in art materials for this show.

Presented by SIT select

Exhibition Closed

‘2017 Annual Award Winner’

I have been invited to exhibit several times this year in the wonderful Old Passage Fish restaurant at Arlingham. The ink painting ‘Horse Whisper’ below has won First Prize in the 2017 Annual Old Passage Awards, as voted by visitors to the exhibitions and restaurant guests. These exhibitions donate a percentage of sales to help the brilliant charity SARA which does invaluable rescue missions on the river Severn.

Find out more about the Severn Area Rescue Association

The Old Passage Restaurant on the River, Arlingham, GL2 7JR. Tel: 01452 740547

What I’m up to…

I always prefer working in the winter months so after a bit of a pause, I am currently getting stuck into a new series of work. Using the working title ‘Sentient Beasts’ as a guide, I have begun painting detailed animal pieces in acrylic on board. There is always a lot to do and not enough studio time to do everything I want to! This new series will be shown at my pop-up studio at Pegasus Art as part of the SIT Select festival during the first 2 weekends of May 2018. Lots of fur and pattern and lovely beasts to be created in the next few months as well as 100 new drawings too…my studio is full of potential again, materials ready, gessoed boards and ideas!



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