The idea for this series of paintings came from a simple wish to bring the outdoors inside, and an initial vision of how I would love to see images of life-sized animals leaping around a space, akin to to cave paintings. My desire is to capture the sense of the animal, their very nature and traits and of course, their beauty. The deer in particular, have been a joy to paint, the lightness and skittishness of their personality make them all the more intriguing; I love that they hide and watch so carefully then bound away into the shelter of trees and foliage. Painted in ink on Khadi pure rag paper and each measuring 80 x 160 cm, they are my attempt at getting up close to the real thing.

The Gentle Wild II Exhibition: 9th August until 18th September 2017

The Malthouse Bar and Kitchen, Stroud

Open Sunday and Monday 10:00 til 16:00, Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 til 17:00.

Presented by SIT select working with Malthouse Bar and Kitchen.
Malthouse Bar & Kitchen, Salmon Springs, Nr Stroud, GL6 6NU